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Mechanical equiments

Manualy but easily operated

Our engineers develop a luxurious quality for their mechanical products. Smooth movements and damped motions give you the best experience.

All devices are UL94-V0 compliants

About mechanical equiments

Small mechanical devices allow you to dissimulate everything you want to preserve aesthetic of your seats or furnitures.

VIP interiors are now very epurates. Consommers wants also more and more electronic facilities to increase their comfort. These electric devices must be controled by switches or panel controls who are as many as singularities who denature the simplified lines the designer wanted.

ATC provide solutions to hide cleanly these things during their integration in the furnitures.

Solutions we suggest have several interests for designers in completion works.

  • Our products are custom designed and well integrated due to a close co-working with clients’ completion staff.
  • Our products are stiff and, in a smooth motion, easy operated.
  • They are light as per client specifications and cover aeronautic’s standards.
  • All material used are UL94-V0

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